Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

To keep your building as clean and spotless as possible, a professional cleaning service like BearCom Building Services is indispensable for your company. Although many companies try to clean their buildings themselves, they simply don’t know how to take care of cleaning on such a large scale, and miss many important areas. Instead, let a cleaning service take care of your building so you don’t have to.


Let Your Staff Do Their Jobs


When your staff has to clean the building, it cuts down on the time they have to do their “real” jobs. They were hired for a reason, so don’t slow them down by making them take an hour to change the laundry, wash dishes in the break room, or clean the bathroom. Let them reach their full potential without distractions, and you’ll experience a much more productive workplace.
Cut Down on Workplace Illness


Buildings that are cleaned by amateurs are much more likely to be havens of germs and disease. If your staff doesn’t know how to clean correctly, you’ll be at risk of an epidemic spreading around your building. During winter months, this can be especially evident as many more people come down with colds or the flu. Regular professional cleaning, on the other hand, will eliminate most of these pockets of germs and pathogens, keeping your staff healthier all year long. Your cleaning staff may also be able to test for certain pathogens like bacteria or viruses in your building, so you can know how to fight them most effectively.


Create a Better Impression


The appearance of your building says a great deal about your company. You want everything to look as orderly and professional as possible, especially in areas that your customers or clients will see. Companies like BearCom Building Services can help give your store and offices a thorough cleaning so your visitors will have a positive impression of you from the minute they set foot through the door. This applies both inside and outside your building. A professional cleaning service can keep the exterior of your building looking just as sharp as the interior by washing the windows, pressure washing the sidewalks, and removing snow during the winter.

A 3-in-One Website

Well, here’s another recently finished website. It’s actually hot off the press, finished this week! This website had a small challenge to it, since it was supposed to be a website for 3 businesses (or sorts) in one. But, I think it came together quite seamlessly and looks great. Very happy with the way it turned out!



When to Hire a Professional Photographer

550579_351788158252085_663266_nThere are times in life where taking a few pictures with your phone or your own digital camera will suffice. But there are also times when you want to have professional pictures that you can look back on and really love. Here are a few times you may want to consider leaving your old digital camera at home and hiring a real photographer in Olive Branch, MS.



One of the most popular events where people use a professional photographer is for weddings. Your wedding day is special and only happens once. You want to be able to look back on your wedding day and really remember how it looked and felt. A professional will be able to capture all the little details and moments. They will also be able to take pictures of the happy couple, their family, the first dance, and other important moments.


Newborn Shots

When you have a new baby, you will probably take plenty of pictures of them. You will have a phone full of cute, candid photos. But it is also nice to have some more professional pictures that you can enlarge and hang on the wall at home. You can also use a nice picture to send out to family members and friends letting them know that you had your baby. It can be hard to get newborn pictures just right, but a professional will know how to get the best shot possible.


Family Portrait

You may also want to have your pictures professionally taken as a family every once in a while. It can be fun to look back and remember different stages of your life. You also probably want a great picture to go over your fireplace or dining room table. Professional family pictures can also be used in Christmas cards or to go on the wall at your office. People usually take family pictures once a year to help keep up to date on the families constant growing and changing. Be sure to pick the right photographer in Olive Branch, MS, for your family and for the type of photo shoot you want to have.

Attract Customers with Direct Marketing

Having a strong business marketing plan is an important element to your success. In business, a large portion of your budget can go toward building your client base, keeping your current client base happy, and increasing your revenue overall. With a company such as Star Direct Marketing, you can increase your revenue, attract new customers, keep your current customers happy, and save money in the long-run. Read on to learn more about the options you have for your marketing techniques.


Direct Mail

One of the best ways to reach both current and potential customers is through direct mail. Direct mail essentially is a way to advertise using printed ads, letters, or other solicitations which are then mailed to targeted clients using bulk-mail rates. Some options available for direct mail solutions include the following:

  • Personalized mailers and postcards
  • Tabbed mailers
  • Fold-over mailers
  • Membership card mailers
  • Perforated paper specialty mailers
  • Personalized letter and envelope mailers

You can sit down with the advertising company you are working with and decide which type or types of direct mail will be most profitable for your business.



Besides the printing done for direct mail, there are several other types of printing services you can employ for your business. In a world filled with “look at me!” eye-popping graphic, you will need high-quality materials to garner the attention of your audience. Some of these printing options include the following:

  • Manuals
  • All size envelopes
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • Announcements and invitations
  • Conference materials
  • Surveys


Marketing and Advertising

Beyond the direct mailing endeavors, you may employ a company that can also utilize other forms of marketing and advertising. Some other techniques you can use include the following:

  • Brochures
  • Binders
  • Kits
  • Presentation folders
  • Newsletters

Once you garner the clients that you desire, you want to be sure that you have appropriate materials to keep them informed and happy. You need to get the most important information across to your clients in the most streamlined, efficient way possible. A company like Star Direct Marketing can do this for your business so you can focus on other things that need your attention.

How to Find the Best Newborn Photographer

05newborn_photographerNewborn photography has seemingly become popular overnight. When a brand new baby is welcomed into the world, there is a perfect window of opportunity for beautiful and priceless pictures to be taken. The newborn stage passes by so quickly that it’s no surprise that you want to take all the pictures that you can to be looked at throughout the years ahead. With the large number of newborn photographers available, though, how do you know which one is legitimate and dependable? Trying to pick just one newborn photographer in Germantown, TN, may seem like an impossible task, but if you keep these few things in mind then you should be pleased with your decision.

The very first thing that you should do is to look at their website. Check out the work that they have already done and see if you are interested in it. Even though it seems like you can only do so many different poses with babies, the reality is that a good photographer can take the same picture as someone else but make it look even better than the rest. Are their pictures out of focus and blurry? Are the pictures too bright and overexposed? Are the effects done on the picture not something that you would like done to your own pictures? The style of the photographer is something that you need to look into and if you don’t like it, then find someone else.

You should also check to see if the baby looks comfortable and peaceful. There are many newborn photographers who have taken pictures of babies who have been placed on the cold ground, squished into a small space, hanging from branches, and in other uncomfortable positions that just shouldn’t be done. Learning how to safely and correctly pose a baby for a picture takes years of experience and training. You don’t want to hire someone who picked up their camera last week and started a business to be handling your newborn. It’s important to find a newborn photographer in Germantown, TN, who has the knowledge and skills necessary to create beautiful pictures and keep your baby safe.

The Race to Digitize Old Media

cameraNothing lasts forever, but when it comes to old records and media, we want them to. We have a couple thousand years worth of media including writing, information, images, and videos. Unfortunately, most of this media was recorded using some sort of analog technology, which means that it won’t last forever. Fortunately, we have found a solution in converting old analog records to a digital format. There is now a race going on involving people scanning old photos and documents, taking digital photographs, and digitizing microfilm. This race is important for a few different reasons.

Preserving History

History is important. They say that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it, but that’s not the only reason history is important. When we study the historical events that happened in the past and realize that those events are what created the world we live in today, our perspective changes. There are millions of photos, videos, journals, records, and other types of media that contain valuable historical and cultural information. Whether they’re videos from World War II or journals of  pilgrims, they will be lost forever if something isn’t done.

Analog Degredation

An analog photo or video degrades over time. Each time a video is played on a reel, it loses a bit of its fidelity. You could try making analog copies of old photos or videos, but each copy is going to lose some quality. If we’re going to avoid losing all of this old media forever, the solution lies in digital copies.

Advantages of Digitizing

Digitizing means taking film from a photograph or video, converting it to ones and zeroes, and then storing its digital representation on a hard drive. A digital version of a video or photo can be copied without any quality being lost. Digitized materials can also be indexed, so it is easy to find what you’re looking for even if millions of images or videos are stored on a single hard drive. Digitizing microfilm is a great start, but there are still risks of losing the data. Hard drives can fail, especially as they get older, so it’s important to back things up on multiple hard drives and continue moving the information to new, higher-tech hard drives every few years.

Old School Is Still the Best School

packageIn this day and age of instant messaging and email marketing, it may be hard to believe that companies like exist. After all, the post office is having financial troubles, and people can do seemingly everything through electronic media. How could a company that specializes in direct marketing ever hope to compete? The answer is simple.


Do you remember when you were a kid and you were expecting a package? That feeling of anticipation was so great; it was sometimes even better than the package you were waiting for, especially if you had ordered something from the back of a comic book like sea monkeys. (On the one hand, it was cool that they could ship something like that; on the other hand, they didn’t look or act anything like monkeys!)


Possibly better than anticipation, though it is a toss-up, was the surprise that you got something in the mail. Your mom or dad, maybe your older brother or sister, but you? Who was sending you something in the mail and what were they sending? It could be anything, and that created the anticipation before you tore open the envelope or package.

Snail Mail

That is why snail mail still works. People like to get things delivered to them, and they want something more than what is available by computer. A great direct marketing campaign can get your products off the ground, and the companies that specialize in these campaigns can help you design something that is both economical and effective.

The Best Part

The best part is that you can give someone that same feeling that you had as a child. When a company like takes charge of your marketing, you can be sure that you will get the best results because people will associate your product with happiness, surprise and anticipation, especially if you include a sample or a good coupon offer. In today’s economy, most companies are trying to cut back, but you still need to spend your money in a smart manner to get people involved emotionally with your business. Sometimes, the old ways are the best. It is hard to ignore a mailer but easy to delete an email.